[Archivesspace_Users_Group] RC candidates and v1.5.0 not creating <p> tags in EAD export

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Thu Jul 21 17:11:31 EDT 2016

Hi, Laurel:

What timing!  I remember Brad mentioning this issue before, but I had completely forgotten about it until seeing your message about the exact same time that I was testing a new automatic EAD export service for ArchivesSpace.  Right before I read your message, I was wondering why so many of our files failed to produce valid EAD files.  The main problem, it turns out, is the bug that's not putting paragraph elements around text that has ampersands.   But this only happens in the 1.5 versions.  I can confirm that in version 1.4.2 this problem doesn't exist (that's our production version), but that it does exist in 1.5 (that's our test version).  I haven't tested anything with the altformavail/extref issues, though.

I haven't looked into the exporter code too much yet, but the history of updates to the EAD exporter file should provide clues (to the developers, at least):  https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/commits/master/backend/app/exporters/serializers/ead.rb


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UC San Diego discovered an issue in R2 that we informally reported to B. Westbrook in early June. The bug is this: note fields containing either an & entity ref and/or an <extref> tag do not get properly wrapped in a <p> tag upon EAD export. For example, all of our <prefercite> notes contain the term "Special Collections & Archives", and because of the presence of the ampersand in the note, do not get wrapped. Similarly, if a bioghist note has an & somewhere in it, none of the paragraphs get wrapped in a <p> tag, leaving us with giant block of text. And last, in altformavail, where we record the existence of digital versions of our collections with a link, the existence of an <extref> causes the whole note to not get wrapped in a <p> tag when we export the EAD.

This issue breaks our local scripts and also prevents validation on the Online Archive of California. At the time, I didn't create a JIRA ticket, because we were told the problem was being worked on...but now I'm going through the steps to create the ticket. Is there any feedback/observations on this in the member community before I do so? It's happening in v1.5.0, which we tested this morning. Thanks!

Laurel McPhee
Supervisory Archivist, Special Collections & Archives Program
UC San Diego Library | * 858-534-5619 | * lmcphee at ucsd.edu<mailto:lmcphee at ucsd.edu>

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