[Archivesspace_Users_Group] out of memory errors during reindexing, 1.5 RC3

Noah Huffman noah.huffman at duke.edu
Wed Jul 20 15:08:03 EDT 2016


I've experienced this exact problem when running test migrations to 1.5RC3.  Increasing the heap size never helped either.  From examining my log file (archivesspace.out), it looks like the re-indexing process runs out of memory (typically when indexing archival object records) and then just starts indexing at archival object #1 again.  It seems to continue in this loop indefinitely.  To successfully migrate to 1.5RC3, I had to stop and start the app several times until it finally indexed all the archival objects.

No matter how high I set the heap size, the app seems to jump up to that limit shortly after starting it.

I communicated this problem to Lyrasis and there was some suspicion it was caused by running the barcoder plugin over my entire repository.

FWIW, we've also experience out of memory issues in our production instance during periodic indexing (not a complete re-index).  It seems like we have to restart the app every couple of weeks due to memory issues.

I'm curious if others have experienced these same memory problems too.  Thanks for raising the issue.


Noah Huffman
Archivist for Metadata, Systems, and Digital Records
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Duke University | 919-660-5982

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As we import more and more finding aids into our archivesspace test instance, I get out of memory errors when trying to reindex (by deleting indexer_state and solr_index):

SEVERE: auto commit error...:java.lang.IllegalStateException: this writer hit an OutOfMemoryError; cannot commit

For 1.4x (and 1.5 RC 1), we had aspace heap set at the default (1024m) and could successfully reindex, after loading 4000+ finding aids. We have now loaded 5000+ finding aids, but even when I increase available heap to 8 gig (more doesn't seem reasonable), I still get out of memory errors during a reindex (using 1.5 RC3).

Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions?


Michael Vandermillen
Digital Library Software Engineer
Harvard University IT

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