[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Diacritic question/issue

Lynne E. Grigsby lgrigsby at library.berkeley.edu
Sat Jul 16 16:36:18 EDT 2016

We have an EAD with Spanish that we are trying to import.  We have
discovered that if the title attribute in the dao has diacritics it fails:

>From our developer:

I've created a small test XML file which validates. It has a single dao
with a title attribute. When it's title="test" it imports into AS fine.
When I change it to title="test ñ" it won't import and gives the error:

Error: #<Encoding::InvalidByteSequenceError:
""\xC3"" on US-ASCII>

Is this a known problem?  Is there a work around?

All help appreciated.
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