[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Non-Jasper Reports in latest dev release - broken?

Chris Fitzpatrick Chris.Fitzpatrick at lyrasis.org
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Yes, you're right..these aren't working.

In the -dev release, reports are move to run as jobs rather than being streamed out. Would be fine, except the job is just dumping the output object using to_s rather than actually iterating over the data. Hence, the output files having something like  "#<StringIO:0x693a9316>" (the object) rather than the correct data.

I've made a ticket here :


Should have a fix in the next release. Thanks! b,chris.

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Hey all-

I'm testing the latest dev release but one (1.4.5-dev19) and am running into a problem with the built in, non-Jasper reports. Can anyone else confirm that the CSV and XLSX flavors are broken? The JSON and HTML flavors appear to work correctly.  I've tested the built in repository_report and the created_accessions_report.

This is running without any plugins enabled to remove that potential complication.

The reason I found this is that we have a custom report that is not Jasper based (its a plugin) and the preferred format for export is xlsx. I can work around this by exporting JSON and converting, but that's a bit of a pain obviously. Jasper is also out at the moment as the report includes a user defined value to pass to the report and that appears to be a bit of a pain to implement at the moment.

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