[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Planned enhancements to ArchivesSpace location management

Sally Vermaaten sally.vermaaten at nyu.edu
Thu Jan 14 17:38:04 EST 2016

Dear colleagues,

We would like to share NYU's plans to contribute several enhancements to
ArchivesSpace's location management functionality. We have attached a
specification document which describes each of the 6 features we will be
contributing to the core code. We believe these enhancements will benefit
many - if not most - institutions by making the application an even more
effective tool for managing physical collections.

The new features are specifically aimed at making it easier to assign
locations, identify spaces where materials can be shelved and plan for
collection growth. The features are optional, and existing functionality
and the existing data model will be retained. If your institution chooses
not to use the new features, you can carry on using ArchivesSpace the way
you were using it before these additions.

Two key parts of the new functionality are the ability to create a Location
Profiles and the ability, by using Location Profile and Container Profile
information, to identify empty spaces in your stacks. The updates will also
allow users to download 2 types of 'shelf lists' and to bulk assign
multiple Containers to multiple Locations. We plan to work with consultants
with expertise in ArchivesSpace development to build these features during
Northern Hemisphere winter to spring.

We welcome any questions you may have. We would also be delighted to hear
your ideas about how these features could be built upon in the future (e.g.
visualizations of stack spaces, even more efficient location
identification, etc.). We will compile any suggestions received into an
'Ideas for future Locations Management features' document and share with
the community in the hope that other institutions will be inspired to run
with great ideas captured there.


Sally, Rachel and Chela

Sally Vermaaten
Project Manager, Archival Systems
New York University Libraries
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