[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Container Management plug-in and 1.5 update question

Brad Westbrook brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org
Fri Feb 19 07:13:14 EST 2016

Good morning, Lydia,

We are targeting the end of April for distributing the v1.5 release of ArchivesSpace.  

Please bear in mind that the actual release date is dependent on implementing all the essential features of the container management plugin.

Brad W.  

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I just wanted to check on the timeline for the ArchivesSpace 1.5 version to come out?  I recently came across Yale’s cool container management plug-in, which sounds like it would be really helpful for my situation, since we will be sending the majority of our collections to a remote storage while our space is renovated.
Container Management on GitHub
Apparently it’s not compatible with the version of Aspace we’re currently running (1.4) and I read that the plug-in will be incorporated into the main code for the 1.5 update, and just wanted to check on its timeline.  Thanks!

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