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Thank you to both Maureen Callahan and Jason Loeffler for thoughtful replies. Maureen’s point about adherence to DACS principles is well-made, and I’ll discuss it with my director in an upcoming meeting.

Jason, you mentioned AR-1314 in relation to the bug I experienced, and that is it exactly. A comment on AR-1314 by Chris Fitzpatrick said that the digital object could not be created if the DO had a note in it (which mine did). I tried again, leaving the note out of the DO, and it saved just fine. So it’s the presence of a note field that prevents the DO from saving. At least I know it’s a known issue, though it looks like you and Max Eckard are unable to reproduce it on your systems. We’re on version 1.4.2, and I’m using Windows 8.1 and Chrome browser if that helps.

Chris’s comment about the “Create DO Modal . . . loading note types that aren’t valid for DO’s” rings true. When I was creating the DO through the instances section of the resource record, the DO’s note drop list included Scope and Contents.  When I created the DO independently, Scope and Contents was not an option, but Summary was.

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