[Archivesspace_Users_Group] How are people integrating various ids like ISNI and VIAF in ArchivesSpace

Bowers, Kate A. kate_bowers at harvard.edu
Thu Dec 15 12:15:31 EST 2016

ISNI and ORCID are agent identifiers, not authority record identifiers.  For MARC-fluent readers, this is like the difference between MARC authority 024 field as compared with MARC authority 010 or 016, so ArchivesSpace “Authority ID” is not the correct place for ISNI or ORCID.  There may be other identifying numbers associated with an agent that you would wish to record as well, such as a student number that would help retrieve records in filing systems where the numbers are available but the names are not.


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We used the ‘Authority ID’ field associated with the authorized ‘Name’ in the Agent record as a way of including VIAF identifiers (screenshot attached).  We also used FAST and  AAT identifiers in the ‘Authority ID’ field for subject records. I’d be happy to chat about our approach to populating these fields if you’re interested

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Hi there.

There are plans for a refactor of the agents module including a more complete adherence to the EAC-CPF scheme. A revision of the EAC-CPF specification is in a late draft. Cory Nimer at BYU is leading the charge on that, with comments coming from the community. The development roadmap should acknowledge planned work on this. I hope to see this functionality in 2017 as our organization could definitely use this.

Best, Jason

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Caltech Library and Archives are looking to make more use of the agent/person objects in ArchivesSpace outside of ArchivesSpace itself.  One integration point could be to use common ids like ISNI http://www.isni.org<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.isni.org&d=CwMGaQ&c=WO-RGvefibhHBZq3fL85hQ&r=wwc_Z_TbmWbPFh7My2zRxmrGgCNO-71Fwzlmd8YZVUY&m=Ay5cSQuPX-6dRWUCE8b-7EZDgvBpVHk27APnMu6ZsS4&s=gem73_BPF8EiLe9jOR7yG4u4bxe8N5tWqA-v11F1bQU&e=>,  VIAF http://viaf.org<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__viaf.org&d=CwMGaQ&c=WO-RGvefibhHBZq3fL85hQ&r=wwc_Z_TbmWbPFh7My2zRxmrGgCNO-71Fwzlmd8YZVUY&m=Ay5cSQuPX-6dRWUCE8b-7EZDgvBpVHk27APnMu6ZsS4&s=vZymxKScdBlOa8C-77yXpnMG7X8jBRKhLshat8pheMU&e=>, or ORCIDs http://orcid.org<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__orcid.org&d=CwMGaQ&c=WO-RGvefibhHBZq3fL85hQ&r=wwc_Z_TbmWbPFh7My2zRxmrGgCNO-71Fwzlmd8YZVUY&m=Ay5cSQuPX-6dRWUCE8b-7EZDgvBpVHk27APnMu6ZsS4&s=7ZW_hakuFIH7TeWLXPXE-RgQqKlOKe4G9ulD2N6EcxA&e=> as identifiers to link content with external systems. Are these on the road map to be included in ArchivesSpaces’ agent model? I think there is a field in EAC that would be used to hold these types of values but AS doesn’t seem to include them.  Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help and guidance,



R. S. Doiel,

Digital Library Development

Caltech Library


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