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Majewski, Steven Dennis (sdm7g) sdm7g at eservices.virginia.edu
Mon Dec 12 17:42:26 EST 2016

[1] See the instructions at:

specifically the part about adding branding to the local plugins directory.
The example in the first link above changes the branding for the frontend, not the public interface, so you would want to instead add: plugins/local/public/views/site/_branding.html.erb.

[2] As noted in the 2nd link above, the top level template is:
The ‘render’ calls in that template call the other templates you can override in plugins/local/public/views/site/

<%= render "site/branding" %>
<%= render "site/header" %>
<%= render_aspace_partial :partial => "site/advanced_search" %>
<%= render_aspace_partial :partial => "site/breadcrumb" %>
<%= render "site/footer" %>


so you need to also copy _footer.html.erb and _header.html.erb to the local plugins directory and edit those copies to customize.

[3] For the content to the right of the search box in that example, I’m guessing that you would also copy index.html.erb to plugins and add something to that empty “span4” div :


CSS is using bootstrap: http://getbootstrap.com. See those docs if you want to understand what those “span” and “row-fluid” classes mean. They control the layout. You can also add your own classes to the bootstrap classes, but you shouldn’t remove the bootstrap classes, as in that middlebury page, they have changed it to : "<div class=“span4 about” >”

[4] As noted in the docs linked above, some of the text labels come from the locales files.
Where you see the I18n.t() functions in the templates, you can replace the default text in the plugins locale file.


    title: ArchivesSpace Public Interface
    home: Home
    welcome_message: Welcome to ArchivesSpace.
    welcome_search_label: "Find what you're looking for:"

— Steve Majewski

On Dec 12, 2016, at 3:48 PM, Nathan Hosburgh <NHOSBURGH at Rollins.edu<mailto:NHOSBURGH at rollins.edu>> wrote:

Some general questions about the public interface.  Ours is https://aspace.rollins.edu/

I’m looking at http://archivesspace.middlebury.edu/

I would like to create some content to the right of the search box as Middlebury has done with “About ArchivesSpace”.

I would also like to create some additional links in what appears to be the footer (View Staff Interface, Visit ArchivesSpace.org<http://archivesspace.org/>, etc.).

Can I get some idea of what it takes to achieve this?  I’ve already got a ‘local” plugin to achieve some of our customizations.


Nathan Hosburgh
Discovery & Systems Librarian
Rollins College, Olin Library
1000 Holt Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
nhosburgh at rollins.edu<mailto:nhosburgh at rollins.edu>
(407) 691-1157


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