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Subject: ArchivesSpace Board update

Dear ArchivesSpace members,

I am writing to report on the ArchivesSpace Governance Board 2nd Quarter meeting, which was a 2 hour conference call held Monday, November 28.

We were pleased to approve the nominations of several new TAC/UAC members:

·         Dustin Stokes of Atlas Systems, was appointed to the TAC

·         Lydia Tang of Michigan State University, representing very large institutions, was appointed to the UAC

·         John Zarillo of Brooklyn Historical Society, representing small institutions, was appointed to the UAC

The board members approved a proposal that recommended expanding ArchivesSpace training via three avenues:

1)      developing a one-day version of the Basics workshop that can be offered at lower cost via regional and local archives conferences and host organizations;

2)      encouraging Registered Service Providers to offer online and face-to-face training for audiences not served by program-provided face-to-face workshops and videos;

3)      maintaining our current model for face-to-face training, and keeping training videos up-to-date for members that cannot participate in face-to-face training.

The ArchivesSpace staff will begin implementing the plan.

We reviewed: the continued excellent work of TAC and UAC (and thank the members for their dedicated participation); an operational update that indicates good progress on development work by HM and on our recruitment for a Technical Lead and a Program Manager; and a financial report that confirms we are on budget and in a strong financial position.

The board members thanked departing Board member Alston Cobourn for her brief but active and productive service on the Board.  Alston has accepted a new position that is not in the membership category for which she was elected, and so is leaving the ArchivesSpace board at the end of December.  We are pleased that Heather Heckman from the Pennsylvania State Archives has graciously agreed to complete Alston’s term.

Brad Westbrook’s last day as Program Manager was Nov 30.  The board offered their gratitude for Brad’s exceptional work and dedication in developing the ArchivesSpace program. Brad began the work that led to the Archivists’ Toolkit more than a decade ago, and continued in key roles throughout the development of ArchivesSpace.   I consider him to be the “founding father” of ArchivesSpace; he has left a lasting legacy.

In closing, I am very happy to report that the ArchivesSpace membership organization is vibrant and is growing at a steady rate.   As of our November meeting, there were 308 members across the five membership levels, 10 Educational members, and three Registered Service Providers hosting 69 ArchivesSpace databases.

The Board welcomes your communications and comments to any and all of us, and we extend our thanks to all of you for your continuing support and ongoing contributions to the community we have created.


Carol A. Mandel
Chair, ArchivesSpace Governance Board
Dean, Division of Libraries, New York University

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