[Archivesspace_Users_Group] making changes to public AS view

Nathan Hosburgh NHOSBURGH at Rollins.edu
Wed Dec 7 11:51:39 EST 2016

I’m working to get better visual access to our AS server, but in the meantime I have to use a combination of FTP and command line because of the fact that everything is under <root>.  So, it’s rather complicated and cumbersome right now.

I would like to get a clear idea of the file structure of everything controlling the content for the public AS interface and where to modify things to make specific changes.

Here is our site at present: https://aspace.rollins.edu/

·         I want to change the text “Welcome to ArchivesSpace” and add some text directly below it.

·         I want to add text to what is probably considered the footer – directly above “Visit ArchivesSpace.org”.

If anyone can point me to documentation outlining the structure & logic of AS public interface or share a schematic that would be helpful.  Or just let me know what files I would need to modify to affect the changes above.


Nathan Hosburgh
Discovery & Systems Librarian
Rollins College, Olin Library
1000 Holt Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
nhosburgh at rollins.edu<mailto:nhosburgh at rollins.edu>
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