[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Bug related to additions to a controlled value list (event type)

Rush, Michael michael.rush at yale.edu
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What you are seeing isn’t a bug. When you add a value to a controlled value list, it only adds the list value. It doesn’t add the translation. There’s no way to do that in the application. You need to edit the YAML files. In your case, you’ll find the file you need to edit in the application files under locales/enums/en.yml (en.yml being the YAML file for an English-language instance of ASpace).

It’s a bit of a pain to edit the .yml files – I know other people have requested a way to edit them through the application. I was just editing Yale’s this morning. We maintain ours in a GitHub repo for ease of sharing with our hosting providors (Lyrasis). See https://github.com/YaleArchivesSpace/YAML if you want to see ours. Also includes YAML for our plugins.

One thing to be careful about: be sure to validate the YAML files before adding them to the application. I neglected to do so once and crashed the app for a few minutes before Mark Custer saved my bacon. There are many YAML validators online – I use http://www.yamllint.com/.


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Here at GW, we've encountered what may be a bug in the staff interface for 1.4.2, but I wanted to throw it out to the list before reporting it.

We've added a few custom event types to the controlled value list, but they aren't displaying properly in the main "Add Event" dropdown. I haven't tested if this occurs with other types of controlled lists.

Here are the steps to recreate the bug:

  1.  from the screen for the controlled value list event_event_type, click "Create value"
  2.  enter the event type name (e.g., "new_event_type") in the Value* field
  3.  click "create value".
  4.  new_event_type now appears in the controlled value list event_event_type as both the Value and the Translation
  5.  view an accession, resource or digital object
  6.  click on "Add Event"
  7.  in the dropdown menu that appears, the newly created event type appears as "translation missing: en.enumerations.event_event_type.new_event_type"
Not a critical bug, but annoying nonetheless.

Oddly, the new event type appears just fine in other portions of the application, including the facets on the Browse Events page and the "Type" dropdown on the Create Event page.

I didn't see this reported yet on the bug list. Could someone please correct me if it has been reported. Also, does anyone know if this problem is more widespread than just the event type list, or if it has been corrected in 1.5?

Many thanks,

Christie Peterson

Christie S. Peterson

University Archivist
George Washington University Libraries
704H Gelman Library
cspeterson at gwu.edu<mailto:cspeterson at gwu.edu>
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