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Betsy Ward wardbe at earlham.edu
Wed Aug 24 09:45:52 EDT 2016

> On Aug 23, 2016, at 9:53 AM, Brad Westbrook <brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org> wrote:
>  Do you mean the digital object records did not come over or do you mean the files, since Archon stored the digital content? 

Correct, Archon stores the digital content in the tables and those did not migrate into the ArchivesSpace tables.  Since I don’t really know the difference in how ArchivesSpace stores the content, I can’t really speak to how it should look in terms of the architecture of it.  I know in the Archon database I can see the content and was able to query and see that 1,694 objects did not come over.  At least I couldn’t find them in any ArchivesSpace tables.  

> If you are talking about the content files, did you provide a URL for where the files are to be storied and did you exercise the option to download the digital files (see pages 11-12 of the Archon>AS migration guidelines athttp://www.archivesspace.org/migrations <http://www.archivesspace.org/migrations>).

Yes, I did that and it appears to have created what looked to be pointers to files that don’t exist.  

One thing to point out because I didn’t find any direction on *where* to run the Migrator Tool from(server-side or client-side)  I ran the ArchonMigrator from my desktop.  I connected it to both systems and was thinking maybe that was the problem and I would end up with all kinds of files downloaded to my client.  But they weren’t.  It didn’t download anything.  It did migrate everything else in the database over to ArchivesSpace, it is only those digital objects that it didn’t pull into the tables or download onto the system.

So the question then, is there a way after the fact to migrate just that digital content?  Or do you have to re-do the whole thing, for instance if my issue is that I ran the Migrator from my desktop and I should have run it from the ASpace server?  Do I need to wipe out what we have and re-do the entire thing running it from the ArchivesSpace server?  Then it will download the digital content to the server properly?   Or should it be run from the Archon db server?  

Also, maybe I just had the URL listed incorrectly?   I am not sure what it’s supposed to be since I didn’t set this system up and don’t really find any documentation on site about the configuration.  

Thank You.

Betsy Ward
Database Administrator
Information Technology Services
Earlham College
ph. 765-983-1263

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