[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Label Printing in the Browser - Whatwould be useful?

Kevin Clair Kevin.Clair at du.edu
Wed Aug 17 10:20:56 EDT 2016

Another data point. We also have fewer fields on our labels at Denver; only the repository name (and optionally the collecting area, if it’s from our Jewish or dance archives), the Resource Title, the Top Container Indicator in ArchivesSpace, and the item description from our ILS (something like “Box 1”).

We also have use cases where a container contains materials from more than one Resource, but in those cases we would print multiple labels for the container, one per Resource represented.

thanks!  -k

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For us in TSLAC, this seems too specific. We have had a few situations that may necessitate the location string being omitted from the label. In case someone ever breached security after paging a box, we wouldn’t want them to know where the box lives. Is there a way in the plugin, or code from the plugin, to choose to remove that specific detail? My 2 cents.

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Hi all-

For those of you who were at the member forum in Atlanta, I briefly mentioned that we had had a plugin developed for us by HM (and have subsequently tweaked and modified) that allows us to print labels directly from the browser. There were a few people who expressed some interest in this, so I thought I’d see what types of information people might find useful to see on a label in the hopes of taking what we already have and de-Dartmouthizing it so that it would *hopefully* work for a wider audience.

I was thinking that there are so many ways that people can potentially describe a collection that the baseline info on a label would probably be something along the lines of

Resource ID
Resource Title
Top Container Indicator
Top Container Barcode
Location String
Location Barcode

Are there other pieces that people think are generic enough to include? Are the above too specific in some cases – ie are there cases where a container holds AOs from multiple resources?

The plugin will depend on the container manager functionality and will be (at least) v1.5.1 compatible assuming I can get things into shape;-) I plan to include at least two layouts so that others can get a feel for what is possible in terms of label types. One will be a thermal roll type (a Dymo 30256 label) that we use and an Avery 5163 2x5 portrait layout.


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