[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Is it possible to include a summary note in a digital object CSV?

Majewski, Steven Dennis (sdm7g) sdm7g at eservices.virginia.edu
Fri Apr 22 15:17:12 EDT 2016

I don’t have any advice for the original question, but I appreciate the discussion.

We’re in the process of figuring out how to map our digital objects in ArchivesSpace. 
We have also been in the process of updating EAD DAOs from links to legacy images to links to Fedora objects. 
In the latter case we’ve run into the issue where several <daoloc> elements in a <daogrp> can have two different semantics:
separate page images of a single letter, for example, versus both a text transcript and an image of a letter.
Typically, the only thing distinguishing those two different use cases are if the @label attribute follows a convention of labeling “page 1” , “page 2” ,  etc. 

ArchivesSpace data model has several levels and greater flexibility: archival_objects, digital_objects, file_versions, … , but I haven’t quite figured out the right mapping ( and how to get those AS objects to get mapped to and from EAD properly and consistently. )

With the mapping to Fedora objects, we have both a composite object representing the letter, as well as separate page images to be mapped into digital objects.  

I’m thinking this should be represented as two different digital objects, but with a sequence of page images being one digital object with multiple file objects. But I’m not clear about how the instance schema ties into the object model hierarchy. 

— Steve Majewski

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