[Archivesspace_Users_Group] User defined values in en.yml file

Gunnells, Diana Diana.Gunnells at unco.edu
Wed Apr 13 09:46:03 EDT 2016

Along this line…is it possible to change the label for record type that displays. Our archivist would like to change “Classification” to “Collection”. I know that type=agent is rendered Name on our public interface but I can’t recall if we changed it or it was that way originally. See: http://uncoarchives.coalliance.org/

I have been able to remove some tabs and “re-order” them but would love to make the change that was requested by our archivist but I can’t seem to locate where to make that change…or if it’s even possible.
Thanks for your help!


Diana Gunnells
Library Applications
University Libraries

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Office Location | Campus Box 48 | Greeley, CO 80639
O: 970-351-2564

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Hi, Kate,

The documentation you reference is for editing the values on the user controlled value lists, aka enums, as well as all other controlled value lists.  The en.yml file in the enums folder contains only the value/translation value lists for all the controlled value lists in the ArchivesSpace application.

To establish the names of user defined values or change those of other data fields, you need to edit the en.yml file in the locales folder.  Attached is a copy of an locales en.yml file edited per the example in the documentation and reflected in the screen clip below:

[cid:image004.jpg at 01D19558.3D9A0620]

We’ll update the documentation so that modifying names / labels, as well as controlled value lists, is represented.


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Hi all,
We recently migrated to ASpace, and I'd like to edit a few of the user defined fields. According to the documentation<http://docs.archivesspace.org/Content/SubRecsUserDefined.htm#SubRecsUserDefined.htm%3FTocPath%3DManaging%2520Accessions%2520%7C_____19>, this is done in the en.yml file in the enums folder. But it looks like our file (attached) doesn't contain the same User Defined label options as those outlined in the documentation (below). Would it be possible we have the wrong file?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Kate Dundon
Archivist, Special Collections & Archives
University Library
University of California, Santa Cruz

Our file:
    user_defined_enum_1: User Defined Enum 1
    user_defined_enum_2: User Defined Enum 2
    user_defined_enum_3: User Defined Enum 3
    user_defined_enum_4: User Defined Enum 4


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