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According to our regional best practice guide (http://net.lib.byu.edu/umaead/UMA_BPG_v1-2-2.pdf, p. 6), in this case:

Undated Material (DACS 2.4.16)

If a date for the described material is not available, and recording an estimated date is not desired (or would be misleading), use "undated" in the element. Do not use the abbreviations "n.d." or "s.d." Normalize as a date range (as with approximate dates), perhaps using the collection dates, or life of creator, etc.

<unitdate type="inclusive" datechar="creation" era="ce" calendar="gregorian" normal="1936/1999">undated</unitdate>

Based on this, we record "undated" in the Date Expression field, and record approximate date entries as appropriate in the Date Begin and Date End fields.


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Hello collective wisdom

I am having trouble figuring out how to add a date that is unknown. According to DACS undated is used but the field only allows for dates. So what is used here?


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