[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Upgrade 1.4.2 issue with missing "archival resources" and PDF stylesheet issue

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Just a few quick comments about question 2:

·         Here’s the section in the XSLT regarding note headers: https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/blob/master/stylesheets/as-ead-pdf.xsl#L1093-L1095  This template is adding the headers to a block element for the PDF output, so you can change the attribute set if you’d like.  I haven’t tested this yet, but you could just remove that xsl:use-attribute-sets=”h4” bit and see what the output looks like. In other words, you could just change line 1094 so that it looked like this, and see how that looks:

o   <fo:block id="{local:buildID(parent::*)}"><xsl:apply-templates/></fo:block>

·         As for line breaks, ArchivesSpace doesn’t spit those character returns out in the EAD as line breaks, so there’s no way for them to show up in the PDF…  unless you actually include those EAD tags in the notes by hand-encoding them, like so:  Line 1<lb/>Line 2.  I’d be wary of using line breaks, though, if you can use something else like a list, especially since this is stored as text in the database, and not XML.  What’s the reason for including the line breaks?

·         As for the character display issues, that’s probably due to the font that’s used when the PDF file is generated.  I’m actually not sure what font is being used, so perhaps someone else can comment about that.  I haven’t looked into the PDF stuff in too much detail yet, but it’s likely that I’ll be focusing on that in the next few months.  Anyhow, if the Czech characters are available in whatever font is used, then they should display.  You’d also want to check to make sure that the characters are spit out correctly in the EAD, but I’m somewhat sure that shouldn’t be a problem.

I hope that (partially) helps,


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I posted a few questions on the Aspace Google forums but was encouraged to post them to the list serv as well.

Question/comment 1:

We have consistently encountered a certain issue whenever we upgrade our ArchivesSpace instance, including this most recent time to 1.4.2.  Somehow, some of our "Archival Resources" (collections) end up lost, or - at least - no longer marked as "resources."  For example, I am currently working on a finding aid that had this problem and had to navigate to the collection from an archival object.  Once I edit (or retype) something on the Collection record, it is fine.  However, it seems like each time we’ve upgraded we “lose” 10 or so random Resources.  Does anyone understand why/how this happens and how we can fix this?  Thanks for your help!


I received a response already from another person who experienced a similar problem.  It sounds like these records are not added to the index or somehow being kicked off during the upgrade.  This person reiterated that if the file can be resaved it will be reindexed and the problem is fixed, but they also didn’t know why or how it happens.  It would be great if somehow that glitch could be fixed!

Question/comment 2:

In general, I am really pleased by the appearance of the ASpace finding aids when they're exported as PDFs but I had a couple of comments about it:

If I have added a General Note, that label appears in a bold and possibly even larger font than my folder titles.  Is there a way to tweak that?  Otherwise the notes have a stronger appearance than any of my other description.  Also, is there a way to preserve line-breaks within the notes, for example, a more detailed inventory?  I am able to create line-breaks when editing in ASpace, but it condenses everything into a lump when it spits out as a PDF.

Also, I am working with a collection which has several languages.  The PDF looks great with French and Spanish characters, but it spits out # for Czech letters.  Is there a way to fix this?  Again, when editing in ASpace, it looks fine with the č š ě sort of letters, but somehow there's a problem when exporting it as a PDF.


I’ve already been told that I can tweak the PDF output in the XSLT stylesheet as-ead-pdf.xslm, and am looking forward to experimenting with it later today.  This person said that diacritics are also processed by the stylesheets but may be tied to a larger issue, so I was encouraged to share it with the forum.  Thanks for any help you could provide!



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