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Nathan Stevens ns96 at nyu.edu
Fri Nov 6 07:52:33 EST 2015

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On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 4:06 PM, Douglas James Simmons <dsimmons at siu.edu>

> I have three questions, each referring to one of the marked-in-green areas
> of the screenshot I've attached.
> 1. Text input field to the right of the checkbox field labelled, "Download
> Digital Object Files"
>         I've been assuming this refers to where the digital objects will
> be stored on the aspace server when the migration is complete. Is that
> correct?

Yes, this is where on the server you need to place the digital object files
that were downloaded to the "Download Folder".  Please note that those
files are not automatically placed in that location, rather they have to be
manually moved there.

> 2. Checkbox for "Set Default Repository"
>         I've never checked this box, because to the right of it is the
> default drop-down value, "Based on Linked Collection" (with no alternative
> values offered) which seems a reasonable default. But, what does this
> checkbox actually do? Does it set a default repository for everything
> imported from archon, or does it set one to use as a default for new
> collections created in aspace after the migration, or something else
> entirely?
This checkbox MUST BE selected if you want the tool to 1.) Automatically
place them in the same repository as the linked collection, or 2) Ehich
ever repository you select from the drop down options. If the checkbox is
not selected, then the default behavior is to just place the Accessions and
unlinked Digital Objects in the first repository copied over (this is how
the old tool worked).

> 3. The Output Console
>         Route: /repositories/5/batch_imports?migration=ArchivistToolkit
>         Why does this say archivist's toolkit and not archon?

This option just informs the Archivesspace backend not to try and resort
the archival objects so it's not specific to the AT migration. Trying a
resort on a AT or Archon migration with the latest Archivesspace version
would cause it to freeze up.

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