[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Migration test and Classification Questions

Matthew J Gorzalski mGorzalski at lib.siu.edu
Thu Nov 5 10:31:50 EST 2015

We did a test migration using the newest tool (https://github.com/ns96/ArchonMigrator/releases/tag/v1.0.0RC2) and it produced the best results we've had.  Some issues remain though and I want to ask about classifications, specifically about what collections/resources should or are intended to appear.

Class_001 shows our manuscripts classification in Archon with sub-classifications, and notice collections MSS 025 and 131 at the bottom.  These two appear here because they are linked to the manuscripts classification but are not sub-classified.  Class_002 shows the ASpace admin view of the manuscript classification w/ MSS 025 and 131 listed, and a third unpublished record.  Class_004 shows the Archon equivalent of Class_002 and here you do not see any collections listed in the Classification Manager, just the classification tree itself.  So are these three collections that appear in ASpace (Class_002) supposed to be listed on this screen, or like Archon are we only supposed to see the classification structure?

This brings me to my next question.  In the Class_002 view, ASpace admin shows the three resources/collections when looking at the parent manuscript classification.  But when you look at any of the sub-classifications you do not see any resources/collections listed.  Class_005 shows no collections listed for "Twentieth Century American and British Literature" in the admin view, but there are correctly 81 collections that appear in this sub-classification's public view (Class_006).  Archon never shows linked collections to classifications when looking at the Classification Manager.  So should we or should we not see a list of resources/collections linked to the classifications in the ArchivesSpace admin view?

Related to MSS 025 and 131, notice in Class_003 how the ASpace public view does not list these collections when clicking on the Manuscripts classification as Archon does in Class_001.  Is ASpace supposed to?  Both 025 and 131 are published and come up in ASpace searches.

Lastly, is there any advice on how to make the sub-classifications appear in numerical order?


University Archivist


mgorzalski at lib.siu.edu
P: 618/453-2225
F: 618/453-3440

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