[Archivesspace_Users_Group] What defines "a repository?"

Ben Goldman bmg17 at psu.edu
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Hi Valerie, 

As I understand it, Accessions, Resources and Digital Objects are repository-specific, while Subjects and Agents (and maybe the other modules like Locations, Events, Collection Management and Classifications) exist across repositories. 


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I am bumping this question back up, since I do need a working understanding of the relationship between repositories and Agents and Subjects in order to plan our migration. If my question is totally bonkers, feel free to tell me. 


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Dear everyone, 

Here’s another pretty basic question. 

I currently have three repositories in our instance of AS. One was created by the migrator when I migrated over our accessions, one is blank, and one holds resources that I want to play around with. 

Today I imported our accessions and created the third repository mentioned above, but was surprised to find that the names and subjects that I had imported appeared in every repository, not just the repository that the migrator created. This made me realize that a very basic assumption of mine was seriously flawed: I had guessed that repositories were completely separate from one another, and that if I had an agent record for “Doe, John” in one, it would not appear elsewhere. 

So, I’d like to request a basic explanation of what the repositories hold that are unique to them, and what is shared across the entire instance? What defines “a repository?” 

Thanks for the continuing assistance! 



Valerie Addonizio 


The Sheridan Libraries 

Johns Hopkins University 

vaddoniz at jhu.edu 


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