[Archivesspace_Users_Group] public vs. admin classifications

Matthew J Gorzalski mGorzalski at lib.siu.edu
Tue Mar 17 16:30:37 EDT 2015

Migrating from Archon to ASpace....

I've attached a handful of screenshots, too many probably, to ask a simple question about a discrepancy I see in the Aspace admin vs. public classification interface.  Why in the admin interface am I only seeing 5 classifications, while in the public interface I am seeing 30?

It is my understanding that ASpace will duplicate your Archon classification structure per repository, which is why the public interface shows 30 results.  In Archon we have 6 repositories, one of which is selected when creating an Archon finding aid under the "General" tab in Archon.  We don't use SIU Special Collections as a repository because the decision was made years ago after an Archon upgrade to consider our collecting areas as repositories (MSS, Photos, etc.).  So we get the 30 ASpace classifications by 6 Archon repositories x 5 Archon Classifications (MSS, UA, RB, Photos, PP).  So in the ASpace admin interface, should I see 30 instances of classification?  The screenshot only shows the 5, which is correct.  But I was planning on deleting the "bad" classifications in the ASPace admin interface, which I can't do with confidence since only 5 are there.

It is a long story, but the Archon migration tool migrates collections associated with a classification to only one instance of that classification.  For example, only 1 of the 5 Manuscript classifications in ASpace actually has collections attached to it.  All others have "no records" as shown in the screen shot.  I can't delete the "no records" aka "bad" classifications from the ASpace admin interface because only 5 appear when I expected 30.  We once tried deleted the bad classifications from the back end database and re-indexing the database, but it did not remove the links to the empty classifications.

Sorry for the length of this issue.

University Archivist


mgorzalski at lib.siu.edu
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