[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Fwd: accommodating accretions in the Accession module

Christina Marino cmarino at berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 6 16:05:43 EST 2015

The Environmental Design Archives is in the process of setting up Archives
Space. We have decided to use the Accessions CSV import tool to batch
import our accession records and then subsequently spawn resource records.
Thinking through this process, and experimenting with small batch imports,
it has become apparent that documenting accretions (or accruals as they are
referred to in the ASpace manual) in the accessions module is problematic.

For example, with both the William Wurster and Julia Morgan Collections the
EDA has received up to a dozen additional donations for single projects.
While they get a unique accession number, they are considered
accretions/additional donations to a main collection and not a collection
in their own right.

While it is possible to tailor the user-defined fields within the accession
module, the only fields that are applicable for accretions are the string
fields, where one is able to enter a natural language statement (see
below). It is also possible to use a note field, however, this is not the
ideal way to include accretions.


Ideally there should be a straight forward way to record this information
in the Accession module. Just as there are repeating fields to input data
regarding extent (partial and/or whole) it would be nice to have repeating
fields which allow multiple accretions to be recorded so that information
regarding all accretions for a particular collection can be linked/or
associated with the resource record they correspond to.

Since ASpace is still in development, I thought I would bring this issue to
your attention in the hopes that it can be resolved.

I am also curious about the ways in which others are treating accretions.


Chris Marino

Chris Marino, Reference and Outreach Archivist
Environmental Design Archives
College of Environmental Design
University of California
230 Wurster Hall mc 1820
Berkeley, CA  94720-1820

website: http://archives.ced.berkeley.edu/
instagram: edarchives <http://instagram.com/edarchives>
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnvironmentalDesignArchives
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