[Archivesspace_Users_Group] EAD3 update and AS considerations

Brad Westbrook brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org
Fri Mar 6 07:28:03 EST 2015

You're right, Brian:  It will mean both things.

1)       We intend to add a new importer / exporter for EAD 3, which will be an option alongside the exporter/importer for EAD2002 for an unspecified period of time.  We should be able to map the current ASpace data model to EAD3 without significant problems.

2)      However, the ASpace data model does not allow for all the options in EAD3, for example, parallel physical description statements (there's a story already with a vetted specification in the ASpace JIRA).  So we will need to modify the ASpace data model in places in order to for users to take advantage of those new options in EAD3.  And the EAD3 importers/exporters will have to be adjusted accordingly.

We will not know for certain if no. 1 is dependent on no. 2 until we start the process of mapping ASpace to EAD3, which I anticipate being soon after the publication of EAD3 and its documentation.


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I can't speak to any project-planning intentions, but I suppose this integration could mean one or both of two things:

1) revising the ASpace data model to track the revisions EAD3 makes to the model implicit in EAD2 (which largely informs the ASpace model).
2) adding a new importer and exporter for EAD3.

These may end up getting conflated a bit if for instance the current ASpace data model can't cleanly map to EAD3 out of the box (meaning that #1 will be a condition for #2).

As a developer, I looking forward to seeing the conceptual changes in EAD3 but hope it will be the last time the lingua franca of structured archival data is delivered as a monolithic serialization scheme.


On Mar 5, 2015, at 11:36 AM, Kelly Spring <kspring at exchange.uci.edu<mailto:kspring at exchange.uci.edu>> wrote:

Hello friends!

I realize EAD3 hasn't yet been released (SAA update<http://www2.archivists.org/groups/technical-subcommittee-on-encoded-archival-description-ead/ead3-status-update>), but I'm curious to know what are AS developers' ideas on integration after the rollout.
Apologies if there is already some documentation lurking about. Please feel free to point me in the right direction.

Thanks so much and have a great day everyone!

Kelly Spring
Archivist for Special Collections
University of California, Irvine Libraries
(949) 824-6537

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