[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Authority ID field use

Cyndi Shein cyndi.shein at unlv.edu
Wed Jul 22 13:53:10 EDT 2015

Dear ArchivesSpace Community,

We are about to undertake a project to normalize our names and subjects in
ArchivesSpace Agent and Subject records and synchronize the ArchivesSapce
records with our OPAC records (we hope).  In the coming year, we also plan
to use the Authority IDs to facilitate linking people and corporate bodies
through the EAC records created in ArchivesSpace. We are uncertain about
the use of the Authority ID fields in Aspace subjects and agents.  We see
two options:

   -         Enter the ID only, and allow the source drop-down [LCSH, AAT,
   TGM, local, etc.] to direct the appropriate link root that might be
   programmatically (magically?) added later (after export?)
   -         Enter the URI for the subject/agent making it actionable upon
   export without programmatic intervention

Maybe I'm overthinking it and we simple enter the ID only (as we might in a
MARC record), but I see options.  For example, to create an entry for
"Atomic bomb—Safety measures" in ArchivesSpace, based on Library of
Congress authorities, would you enter:

*sh85009313* (ID only)

<http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh85009313.html>* (URI -  unique
identifier linking to the LC linked open data project)

*http://lccn.loc.gov/sh85009313 <http://lccn.loc.gov/sh85009313> *(URL -
persistent link to LC authority record)

I'm writing to ask

1. Do the developers of ASpace have plans for EAC or MARC export that
expects the ID only or the entire link?  If so, which link? URI?

2. How are others in the ASpace community using the Authority ID field?


Cyndi Shein
Head, Special Collections Technical Services
University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
cyndi.shein at unlv.edu             (702) 895-2223
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