[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Problem with Collection Management - Processing Status and Catalogued Note

Elizabeth Dunham Elizabeth.Dunham at asu.edu
Fri Jul 17 15:10:51 EDT 2015

Hi Chris,

I had the same issue Emma did moving from v. 1.2.0 to v. 1.3.0.  It didn't block the migration, but it did make a lot of useless "Event" records.  For example, the accession record for one of our largest collections had text in its "Cataloged Note" and its "Processing Status" set to "Complete."  It now has 5 identical "Cataloged" events associated with it, all of which list "Implementer" as the last person who modified the record and "Date" as the date the record was last modified on.  Thus, they are all identically incorrect and because the migration either deleted or suppressed the original text, I can't fix them.

I also notice that I can't search or view (in the "Browse Events" tab) the automatically generated Event records unless I open a record with one of these events attached to it and save it again.  Further, the data originally entered in the "Processing Status" and "Processing Priority" fields continues to display but can no longer be edited through the GUI.  On a sidenote, I need this data to stay, as I have several queries that rely on the "Processing Status" field that I cannot alter to use Events because the automatically generated ones are not searchable and/or wrong.

Elizabeth Dunham

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Arizona State University Libraries
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Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
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Hi Emma,

Sorry, it looks like the ticket associated to these changes didn't get put into the release notes because it was classified in Jira as a "CHORE" for some reason. I've updated the notes on the github release page.

The ticket is here:


and I think most of the explanation is in the word document that is attached to it.

Was there an issue with the migration?

best, Chris.

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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Problem with Collection Management - Processing Status and Catalogued Note

We are currently testing the latest release in our test system (v1.3.0) and are getting some very frustrating results.

One of them is that the Processing_Status which was within the Collection_Management sub record appears to have been moved to an Event and in the process the drop down list (within processing status) appears to have been de-coupled from the accession records we had marked as having particular processing status'.

In addition the Catalogued_Note also within the Collection_Mangement sub-record has also been moved to an Event.

Was this a planned change? And if so is there a written explanation of these changes that I can check.

Any help and explanation would be gratefully received.


Emma Jolley| Curator of Digital Archives, Pictures and Manuscripts Branch|National Library of Australia Canberra ACT 2600
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