[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Digitization Priority and Status Fields in Collection Management Module

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A good thought indeed, and one I hope might be integrated into an enhanced (yet to be developed) assessment tool plug in.  Our Smithsonian wide CDRS system captures such data for both archival collections and museum objects, along with physical condition and access levels.  Several of us in the ArchivesSpace/AT user community have been thinking about such a tool for ArchivesSpace for quite a while and believe it to be an important feature.  We just haven't finalized anything for wider review/comment yet.  It's been hard to focus on development prior to full implementation and understanding of how the Archives Space database really works.

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Hi Carolyn,

Yes, I believe that we could make use of such status data fields.  Good idea!

Another question:  has anyone implemented data fields (also in Collections Management) that would track when items have been put on Exhibit?  I'm thinking:  Exhibit Title, Location (Gallery name), Dates of exhibit.  This would need to be a repeatable set and attachable at an item or folder.   This could help us when someone remembers an item that was once on display and our exhibit information is kept separately from the collections data.


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Hi All,

I wonder if anyone else would make use of a Digitization Status menu similar to the existing Processing Status menu in the Collection Management module. It could be useful to have a Digitization Priority (High, Low, or Medium) and Digitization Status fields (Completed, In Progress, or New) to help manage digitization projects on a macro-level.

Just a thought,


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