[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Feature request: tag image_url in exported EAD

Steven Majewski sdm7g at virginia.edu
Tue Feb 10 08:03:12 EST 2015

It would be helpful if the repo image_url was tagged in some way to uniquely identify it in the exported EAD. 

I’m currently using this modification in a local plugin to attach an @id . 
What that id is doesn’t particularly matter, as long as it’s tagged in some way. 
( I’m open to alternate suggestions here. )

--- a/backend/app/exporters/serializers/ead.rb
+++ b/backend/app/exporters/serializers/ead.rb
@@ -615,7 +615,7 @@ class EADSerializer < ASpaceExport::Serializer
           xml.publisher { sanitize_mixed_content(data.repo.name,xml, fragments)
           if data.repo.image_url
-            xml.p {
+            xml.p ( { "id" => "logostmt" } ) {
               xml.extref ({"xlink:href" => data.repo.image_url,
                           "xlink:actuate" => "onLoad",
                           "xlink:show" => "embed",

Identifying the repo image_url by position xpath only without some other tag is not really reliable if you have 
EAD from different sources : //publicationstmt/p/extref  could be a link to something else. 

Locally, tagging it with an id in local plugin works, however, we have 30+ institutions contributing guides to 
the Virginia Heritage union catalog and a number of these institutions are migrating to ArchivesSpace. 
Trying to get the other institutions using ASpace to all use the same export plugin may not be possible. 
I would like to make it possible to directly export from ASpace to Virginia Heritage. Most other issues can
be handled by tweaking our stylesheets, but this issue does seem to require tagging and identifying the 
logo image in some way.  This would seem to be a generally useful feature. 

— Steve Majewski / Alderman Library University of Virginia
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