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As was possible in the older Archivist Toolkit software, it would be also 
be very helpful to be able to add 'subjects' and 'names' using RDE. Not 
sure whether this is planned for the future, but it would be a great 
edition for the sake of saving time.


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I have really been enjoying using the Rapid Data Entry - it really helps 
me enter in a lot of information very quickly and efficiently.  I have two 
1. Could there possibly be a way to do Rapid Data Editing as well?  For 
example, if I realize later that I need to update the instances or other 
details, it would be great to have a table where I can change things very 
quickly, as opposed to opening, editing, and saving each object.
2. Also, sadly, there has been times when I?ve accidentally clicked 
outside of the Rapid Data Entry box, immediately canceling the function 
and losing completely whatever I was working on.  Like closing a web 
browser with lots of tabs open, could there possibly be a confirmation 
window that pops up, just to avoid these possible situations? 
Thanks so much for your help!
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