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Suda, Phillip J psuda1 at tulane.edu
Tue Aug 25 11:22:11 EDT 2015

Thank you Nathan for the information regarding the migration tool.



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Since this tool (https://github.com/ns96/ArchonMigrator/releases) is still very much in beta, there might not be many users out there as this point.  In any case, the errors you are seeing are to be expected.
Error #1 has to do with the fact that in ASpace, an Accession record needs to be in the same repository as a linked Resource record, otherwise the migration of the Resource record will fail.  Unfortunately, in Archon Accessions do not belong to any repository so the migration tool places them in the first repository migrated by default.

If you select the "Set Default Repository" checkbox, then the migration tool will attempt to place Accession records into the same repository as any linked Resource records preventing this error, but that not 100% full proof.

Error #2 indicates that there are duplicate agent records within the Archon database so only one of them was migrated and it being re-used, otherwise an attempt to migrate the second agent record will cause a save error..

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 9:28 AM, Suda, Phillip J <psuda1 at tulane.edu<mailto:psuda1 at tulane.edu>> wrote:
Good morning all,

               I just used the most recent Archon to ASpace migration tool. I have received a few error messages in the logs.

How have people handled these errors?

1.       Record Conversion Errors/Warnings: Repository Mismatch between Resource – Accession: Manuscripts Collection M-771….

2.       Record Save Error: AR Identifier: User--> Re-using ASpace Record: /agents/people/2



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