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Morecraft, Lindsay M lindsay-morecraft at uiowa.edu
Thu Aug 13 09:05:32 EDT 2015

Hi Patrick & ASpace community,

Just about an hour after I sent my initial email, I had it happen again – so this is two times with two different members of our staff. I anticipate this will happen again, as we are undergoing an effort to clean up around 1000 finding aids that have been transferred from Archon. What we are doing is getting rid of boxes as archival objects, as there is container information in the instances, so having boxes listed as objects is repetitive.

Perhaps a suggestion to those managing ArchivesSpace – when you are about to delete the record as a whole, have a special message box stating you are doing so, rather than have the same deletion warning for everything (archival objects vs entire collection record).

Does anyone know if there is a way to retrieve a deleted record? This problem is very frustrating as we are losing hours of work, and any insight/advice would be appreciated.

Also, we are using v.1.2.0.

Thank you!


Lindsay Moen (Morecraft)
Processing Librarian
Special Collections and University Archives
The University of Iowa

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While I can’t confirm because I haven’t seen it happen myself, I have a suspicion that something like what you described has happened at the RAC before.

An archivist swore that they had the component selected, but the entire resource was deleted. It’s only happened once, and we can’t really test for it, but I think it’s possible that it happened here.

We are using version 1.3.0.

Patrick Galligan
Rockefeller Archive Center
Assistant Digital Archivist

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Hello everyone,

Just throwing this out to the ArchivesSpace community to see if anyone else has been having this problem. While attempting to delete an archival object within a collection, instead of deleting the single item, the entire collection was deleted instead. This was not the case of accidentally selecting the collection level of the hierarchy, as the object that we wanted to deleted was showing up below.

Basically, it seemed like the entire collection deleted itself on accident, which we don’t want to happen again! Anyone else experience this, or something similar?

Thank you,

Lindsay Moen (Morecraft)
Processing Librarian
Special Collections and University Archives
The University of Iowa

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