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Ben Goldman bmg17 at psu.edu
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Thanks, Brad! 


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Thanks, Ben. We agree that is this is very important work and work that many in the ArchivesSpace community would like to see implemented. We are now working on a strategy for doing that. 


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Dear Brad and ASpace team: 

Penn State has been talking to Maureen Callahan and her colleagues at Yale about the work they've been doing to enhance management of location, container, extent and restrictions data in ArchivesSpace through their Container Management Plug-Ins. Maureen recently posted about this work at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/archivesspace/-7HBTipV0Ts, and more information is available at http://guides.library.yale.edu/ASpaceContainerManagement . We recently got to see some of these plug-ins in action, and were really impressed with these features. We understand that Lyrasis/ArchivesSpace is considering making these plug-ins part of the core code of ArchivesSpace, and would like to enthusiastically support this proposal. Also copying the ASpace User Group to help increase awareness of this important work. 



Ben Goldman 
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Penn State University Libraries 
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