[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Parallel Expressions in Extents

Maura Carbone mauraa at brandeis.edu
Fri Apr 3 10:36:41 EDT 2015

Hmm, I suppose it would depend on how you want it formatted. I admit I'm no
an archivist and so I'm not familiar with how thing 'should' look according
to DACS. One option would be to keep the 'main' part of the extent as the
extent label and then include the second part in a physical details note,
although it doesn't seem that that note gets displayed on the public page.
You could modify the display for that part of the page if you wanted it to

The only other option I could think of would be to create a plugin that
allows for a second parallel statement where things are displayed 1st
Statement (2nd Statement). You'd have to modify a number of files -- I took
a crack at it but I think I might have done something wrong as it doesn't
appear to be rendering. Does anyone know if a plugin is incorrectly written
do we get an error or does the system just load the defaults? If anyone
wants to take a look feel free! I don't know ruby that well and also might
be missing some files needed to make it happen.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 9:59 AM, Joshua D. Shaw <Joshua.D.Shaw at dartmouth.edu>

>    Hi Maura-
>  I should have been a bit clearer in my first post. The problem that I
> see is that when you have one or more parallel expressions of extent
> there's no obvious way to enter what are otherwise legal DACS extent
> expressions. The best example I can come up with is:
>  1 transcript (782 pages)
>  10 boxes (15 linear ft.)
>  There's no container in the transcript expression, nor is there a
> dimension or physical detail specified. That leaves us with two parallel
> extents statements: a) 1 transcript & b) 782 pages. It appears that we
> would have to enter these as two separate extent instances in AS. Now
> that's fine if there are only these two statements and we mark both as
> "whole" for the portion. However, what happens when you mix in the other
> extent expression: 10 boxes (15 linear ft.)? There is no way to link the
> extents that are parallel expressions since you would essentially have
> something like:
>  Extent 1: Portion, 1, transcript
>  Extent 2: Portion, 782, pages
>  Extent 3: Portion, 15, linear ft. with "container summary" set to: 25
> boxes
>  Its impossible (at least from a scripting perspective and hence MARC
> export) to be certain that Extent 1 & Extent 2 are parallel expressions.
> Does that explain the issue more? I'm hoping I'm missing something simple!
>  Thanks!
>  Joshua
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