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I’m not the right person to answer your questions re: the differences between the various User Defined Fields, but since you are looking for a solution to recording funding information in accession records, I thought I would point you to a plugin that we at Yale have developed with Hudson Molonglo.  It’s called our “Payments Module”.  With it you will be able to create payment subrecords in accession records.  Our financial recording needs are probably more complicated than yours, but you will certainly be able to record how much was paid and who you paid it to.  See https://github.com/hudmol/payments_module if you want to give it a spin.


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Hi Folks,
I'm working on mapping our existing accessions information (currently in an Access database) to ArchivesSpace.  It's relatively simple and most things map clearly.  Since there isn't any place to put funding information (yet), I need to utilize User Defined fields for two pieces of information: where something was purchased and how much was paid.  It would seem like "purchase source" could map to "Text 1," but what about the dollar amount?

I'm not a SQL programmer, so I would like a clear explanation about what the differences between "real," "string," "integer," and "text" are before I determine where a monetary amount would go.  As far as I can tell, the ArchivesSpace documentation just lists the types of fields available, but doesn't give any advice/examples. Decimals (money) are not integers as I understand them to be defined.

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