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Nathan Hosburgh NHOSBURGH at Rollins.edu
Wed Sep 3 10:02:11 EDT 2014

Thanks, Chris.  Does anyone know of any other resources for Archon (listserv, forum, documentation)?  I have found this: http://www.archon.org/manual/

We are getting a specific error, but only when searching certain keywords in Archon.  For instance, if I search "Grover" I do not get any results, even though we do have collections from Edwin Osgood Grover in our archives.

We can still browse and find the collection in the system:

So far, we've seen a similar error with "Grover", "Mackay", and other search terms.  The error appears to relate to the allowed memory size of 128M in Archon.  This is a setting located in the php.ini file on the server.  The problem is that, after changing the setting from "128M" to "-1" (which specifies unlimited memory) the problem remains.  The only difference is that the searches "grover" or "mackay" display a blank screen after about 8 seconds.  This suggests the problem is not actually with memory size - it points to something else with the system.  Has anyone ever experienced this?

Original error message:

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There is no solr or other index behind the archon database, everything is searched direclty against the DB.  Not every field is searched, only selected fields so likely this is the issue you are running into.


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On Sep 2, 2014, at 11:13 AM, Nathan Hosburgh <NHOSBURGH at Rollins.edu<mailto:NHOSBURGH at Rollins.edu>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

We are planning on migrating to AS from Archon sometime in 2015.  Is there an existing listserv for Archon or an online forum?  I have some issues with keyword searching and I think maybe the Archon database needs to be reindexed, but I don't know quite where to start for resources as I am new to the institution and Archon as well.


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