[Archivesspace_Users_Group] importing to Accession and Resource records?

Katherine Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Mon Oct 20 09:18:22 EDT 2014

We’re just starting to map the fields from our old accession database in FileMaker Pro to the ArchivesSpace fields, in preparation for migrating all the data.  Can data be imported into both the Accession record and the Resource and other records?  We have fields, for instance for location, that ArchivesSpace has only in the Resource record, but we don’t actually have separate resource records—all the information is in the accessions database (or in separate Word description documents, which we can deal with later).  

What we’re thinking of doing is importing the location information into a user-defined field, which I hope we will later be able to map to the location field in the Resource record.  I see that we need to create the locations to be linked records—which will work fine later, and we can use the location info in the user-defined field to assign the correct locations.  Is there a quicker way of importing all the locations to the proper fields?


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