[Archivesspace_Users_Group] published/unpublished (observations based on using migration tool for AT records)

Christine Di Bella cdibella at ias.edu
Mon Mar 10 14:35:41 EDT 2014

I used the migration tool to import records from my Archivists' Toolkit
instance to my ArchivesSpace testing instance. I have a few
questions related to publishing information in the Public Interface.

*	It seems that, when using the migration tool, Digital Objects are
set to publish by default, whereas Resources and Accessions are set to not
be published by default. Is there are way to change this? It seems like
this behavior should be consistent across the three types of records. 
*	Though when one publishes a record for the first time all the
lower levels inherit that setting, I've found that if I decide to
unpublish a previously published record, lower levels do not inherit that
setting and listings still appear via Browse or Search in the Public
Interface, which means I would need to unpublish each component
individually to make them go away. That said, clicking on the listing in
the public interface brings up the "Sorry, something went wrong" screen,
so something in the system knows that it's not supposed to be shown. (If I
manually update the component to be unpublished, it disappears from the
Public Interface entirely as expected.) A previously published record that
is later suppressed exhibits the same behavior, as well as still being
listed at the top level - clicking on the listing yields a screen that
says "Record Not Found. The record you've tried to access does not exist
or may have been removed." .
*	Following off of both of these things, is there a way to bulk
update records to be published or unpublished, or a thought to providing
this functionality in the future?


Christine Di Bella
Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center
Institute for Advanced Study
Einstein Drive 
Princeton, NJ  08540 

Email : cdibella at ias.edu
Phone: 609-734-8368
Website : http://library.ias.edu/archives


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