[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Error without an obvious cause

Bridger Dyson-Smith bdysonsm at utk.edu
Tue Jun 3 12:14:39 EDT 2014

On 06/03/2014 11:45, Kottman, Miloche wrote:
> Bridger,
> This error is likely referring to one or more elements in your collection description.  ArchivesSpace requires each <c> element (i.e. c01, c02, etc.) to contain either a <unittitle> or <unitdate> (or both if you'd like).  In other words, the following example is valid .xml but it will not import into ArchivesSpace because there isn't a title or date associated with the <c01> for Box 1
> <c01><did><container type="box">Box 1:</container></did>
> <c02><did><container type="folder ">Folder 1:</container><unittitle>Biographical material</unittitle></did></c02>  ...
> --Miloche

Miloche -
thanks for the response but <c01> looks complete:

             <c01 id="ref10" level="file">
                     <unittitle>Laurence A. Grossman Memoirs,</unittitle>
                     <container id="cid4824318" type="Box" label="Mixed 
                     <container parent="cid4824318" 
                     <unitdate>1945 January 13-July 14, 1945 January 
13-July 14, 2003</unitdate>

This collection is a one item collection, so I don't have anything else 
in <dsc>. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere else - I'll keep looking.


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