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Hi, Christine.

Can you send to Chris (chris.fitzpatrick at lyrasis.org) and to me (brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org) a couple of the EADs you have hand trouble importing?  Could you include in the set the EAD for the Harold Bush-Brown papers?



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Hi everyone,

We archivists at Georgia Tech are in the midst of testing various functions of ArchivesSpace, and we have run across several issues.

One problem is that none of us can import EAD documents, either created in XMetal as an EAD DTD or created as a schema export from Archivists' Toolkit. (The migration of all of our records worked just fine; these are "one-off" attempts that we're making, with new or revised finding aids, mostly.) We consistently get this error message: "Error: wrong number of arguments (10 for 4)." This is one of those cryptic messages that others have written about previously. None of the finding aids we were trying to import were duplicates. Our XMetal documents import to AT just fine.

Chris F. recently noted: "A big problem is that schema valid EAD is sometimes not compliant to the AS model. There's a big range of variance that is allowed in the EAD schema, so we're still working on getting all the import mappings right." Is this at the root of the problem? Perhaps what's needed is a master schema describing what AS thinks is valid EAD? Or showing the problematic nodes would help immensely.

A second, maybe related, problem is that we also can't export EAD files from AS. This failed, mostly, although a couple of us had some success with exporting small EAD docs. These can't be re-imported into AS, however. All of the files we try to export give similar errors. Attached is a screenshot of one of our recent failures, in case that helps.

Thanks for any help you can offer,


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