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Ben Goldman bmg17 at psu.edu
Wed Dec 3 17:08:55 EST 2014


I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find an answer after searching in the Google Group or Pivotal Tracker (side note: is there an easy way to search this listserv's archives?). 

I've noticed that the block text found in the Content fields of Notes, when exported as EAD, is wrapping that text in this: 

<![CDATA[ Text. text. text. ]]> 

Any idea why this is or what we can do to adjust it? 

On a related topic, a lot of our Bio/Hist and Scope/Content are multi-paragraph notes that had <p> tags embedded appropriately in AT, but we apparently lost these tags/embedded content for our notes in the migration to ASpace. ASpace applies bookend <p> tags around the entirety of the note on EAD export, but this results in code like this: 


New paragraph. 

Last paragraph.</p> 

We're currently preparing to republish all our finding aids using the ASpace API, but would love to fix this first. Does anyone have ideas on how we might remediate this without manually checking/editing every resource? We're still running 1.09, so if someone tells me the answer is an upgrade to 1.1, I will be thrilled! 



Ben Goldman 
Digital Records Archivist 
Penn State University Libraries 
University Park, PA 

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