[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Classifications - a bug and a feature request

Jaime Margalotti jmargalo at udel.edu
Wed Dec 3 17:07:38 EST 2014

We're excited about using the Classifications feature in ArchivesSpace and
I have added the categories that we use to classify all of our
collections.  In doing so, I've come across one small bug and would like to
request a feature.

I apologize if this bug is addressed elsewhere in the larger issues with
special characters.  Several of our Classification titles have ampersands
(&).  They appear with no problem in every part of the Classification
record except for the blue linked text at the top of the record (see
attached image).  This is obviously quite minor, but figured it was worth

The feature I'd like to see involves the Identifier.  The Identifiers that
we use are numeric and it would be handy to be able to sort by the
Identifier in the Browse screen for the Classifications.  You can change
the Browse options for Accessions, Resources, and Digital Objects, but not



Jaime L. Margalotti
Senior Assistant Librarian
Manuscripts and Archives Department University of Delaware Library
Newark, DE  19717-5267
302-831-0554jmargalo at udel.edu
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