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Francine Snyder francine.snyder at guggenheim.org
Wed Dec 3 15:12:26 EST 2014

Hello -

While I know ArchivesSpace hasn't been fully implemented at many places, I'm throwing these questions out to the group anyways to see if anyone has an insight. Not sure how to search pivot tracker so perhaps (hopefully) some of these are currently being addressed.

We've migrated our data into ArchivesSpace and are experimenting with some of our workflows. We migrated from MS Access (accessions) and EAD (resources). A few location-specific questions for the group.

1.       Location in accession/resource records: as we have multiple storage locations and boxes frequently move between storage, processing, and research, we are constantly using and updating this field. We're finding the position of the location field in the accession and resource records cumbersome (buried under instances and must be clicked open to view). It is my understanding this is similar in AT; are others planning on using the location module actively or are repositories using other methods being used to track locations?

(We're open to other methods. Questions below are if location field is used.)

2.       Location in search and browse: we are interested in the ability to add an accession's "inventory" and "location" fields to the search and browse result columns. Are there plans to make the search and browse result columns customizable? Likewise we would like be able to filter by location in advanced search.

3.       Location in rapid entry (resource): Are there plans to add the option for instance location to the columns in rapid data entry? Currently, we have to manually add this to each file record after completing.

4.       Location modification: Is there a way to rapidly change the location of all instances with the same box number?


Francine Snyder
Director of Library and Archives
Guggenheim Museum
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