[Archivesspace_Users_Group] approaches to adding buildings in ArchivesSpace

Kevin Clair Kevin.Clair at du.edu
Mon Aug 25 18:33:18 EDT 2014


We've just begun production work in ArchivesSpace, and some questions have arisen among our catalogers about how we're going to add buildings, parks, and other features of the built environment as subject terms. My preference is to add them as Subjects and disambiguate them that way if they share a name with a Corporate Entity-for example, having the subject term "Penrose Library (Building : Denver, Colo.)" for the building, but "Penrose Library (Denver, Colo.)" as the Agent. The only concern with that approach is that if we did a MARCXML export of a collection, any subjects like that would be exported as 650 fields, instead of 610 fields as they should be.

I'm interested in how others have approached this. A possible solution would be to add a new value to Subject Term Type for features of the built environment, but that doesn't look like something I can do on my own.

thanks!  -k
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