[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Help Stoping an Import

Stephens, Rebecca - APHIS Rebecca.Stephens at aphis.usda.gov
Tue Aug 12 14:04:31 EDT 2014

I queued several Subject and Agent XML files for import yesterday and it overwhelmed our host servers, thus crashing our instance of ArchivesSpace. Now whenever they reboot our ArchivesSpace the massive import tries to rerun and turns our ASpace off again (their term). I have clicked the "Cancel Import" button in the import view, but I got a message that it was waiting for our host site, then it crashed. Our contact at the host site has said they cannot stop the import and suggested I turn to all of you.

We really hope that someone has a solution for stopping an import because right now we cannot do anything in ASpace without it crashing.


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