[VIVOleadership] New task force

Dragan Ivanovic dragan.ivanovic-CTR at lyrasis.org
Mon Sep 12 10:25:40 EDT 2022

Dear VIVO LG members,

VIVO tech group members would like to run a task force for Dynamic API 
to speed up the process of development of this very important feature. 
Georgy Litvinov will lead this task force, and more details you can find 
at https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/VIVO/Dynamic+API+Task+Force

We should announce creation of this task force in accordance with Task 
Force Approval procedure:

> At least three participants from the community should respond 
> positively, and no more than three community participants may respond 
> negatively, for the task force to be approved.  If fewer than three 
> participants are willing to contribute, then the Task Force is likely 
> too specific and the work should be done outside of the Task Force 
> process.  If more than three community participants object to the work 
> being done, then there is a significant issue that should be resolved 
> before committing resources.
> At least one calendar week must pass to allow participants to respond. 
> If there are only one or two participants interested in working on the 
> Task Force, the charter should be discussed and modified before 
> re-announcing.
I will share the similar message to the VIVO community. Please, inform 
me if you have any objection for creation of this task force.


Dragan Ivanovic
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