[VIVOleadership] VIVO Leadership 10-03-2022 Cast your vote

Hahn, Douglas C dhahn at library.tamu.edu
Mon Oct 10 14:41:13 EDT 2022


Here are the responses.  Looks like the motion passes.


10/3/2022 13:19:25
Douglas Hahn
dhahn at tamu.edu<mailto:dhahn at tamu.edu>
Yes - Approve
10/3/2022 13:25:25
Anna Guillaumet
Anna.guillaumet at sigmaaie.org<mailto:Anna.guillaumet at sigmaaie.org>
Yes - Approve
10/3/2022 15:45:21
Terrie Wheeler
tew2004 at med.cornell.edu<mailto:tew2004 at med.cornell.edu>
Yes - Approve
10/3/2022 15:53:28
Julia Trimmer
juliatrimmer at gmail.com<mailto:juliatrimmer at gmail.com>
Yes - Approve
10/4/2022 7:17:43
Laurie Arp
laurie.arp at lyrasis.org<mailto:laurie.arp at lyrasis.org>
Yes - Approve
10/5/2022 8:58:28
Fadwa Alshawaf
fadwa.alshawaf at hu-berlin.de<mailto:fadwa.alshawaf at hu-berlin.de>
Yes - Approve
10/5/2022 9:42:05
Robert Cartolano
rtc at columbia.edu<mailto:rtc at columbia.edu>
Yes - Approve
10/5/2022 10:31:21
Tom Cramer
tcramer at stanford.edu<mailto:tcramer at stanford.edu>
Yes - Approve
10/5/2022 10:34:03
Bruce Herbert
beherbert at tamu.edu<mailto:beherbert at tamu.edu>
Yes - Approve
10/6/2022 0:51:15
Christian Hauschke
christian.hauschke at tib.eu<mailto:christian.hauschke at tib.eu>
Yes - Approve

From: Hahn, Douglas C
Sent: Monday, October 3, 2022 1:15 PM
To: vivoleadership at lyralists.lyrasis.org<mailto:vivoleadership at lyralists.lyrasis.org>
Subject: VIVO Leadership 10-03-2022 Cast your vote

Motion to increase the Bronze representation on the Leadership Group from ONE to TWO as presented by:

Douglas C. Hahn dhahn at tamu.edu<mailto:dhahn at tamu.edu>


This past year multiple discussions have taken place at the VIVO Leadership meeting to expand the leadership group representation.  Increasing the Bronze representation is a good compromise to onboard more leadership and still allow for all paying members to get additional benefit from membership.

Voting will be open for at least 5 business days and will be closed on Oct 7, 2022 at end of day.  After voting closes results will be sent out to the group.

Douglas C. Hahn
Director, Library Applications and Integration
Digital Initiatives
University Libraries
dhahn at tamu.edu<mailto:dhahn at tamu.edu>

5000 TAMU  | College Station, TX  77843-5000

Tel.  979.458.5777


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