[VIVOleadership] VIVO 1.13.0 Release Candidate 1 available for community testing

Dragan Ivanovic dragan.ivanovic-CTR at lyrasis.org
Tue May 31 05:16:54 EDT 2022

    The VIVO 1.13.0 Release Candidate 1 is available for community testing

    For instructions, please

    We will be testing this release candidate until 19 June 2022. 
    Please consider helping to test: community involvement in the
    testing process is critical, especially for ensuring a smooth
    upgrade process for existing VIVO sites.  See the release testing
    page above for links to forms where you can submit your findings
    directly.  Any parts of any of the forms that you are able to fill
    in will be greatly appreciated by the development team.

    What's New in 1.13.0

      Uploading of filesassociated with individuals in VIVO

Adds an option for uploading a file and link it with an individual in 
VIVO. For instance, it might be associated with a book 
<http://purl.org/ontology/bibo/Book>). The associated file might be 
deleted by user with appropriate privilege (administrator or 
self-editor), or downloaded by a visitor. It is possible toconfigure 
allowed MIME types and maximal file size 

      Password authentication on external smtp servers

VIVO can be configured to send email using an smtp service of customer 
choice.  Prior to VIVO 1.13.0 it wasn't possible to set up a 
non-standard port of SMTP server, neither username and password for SMTP 
authentication. Since 1.13.0, it is possible by configuring runtime 

Please find out how to do that atthe minimum configuration wiki page 

      Additional features to the SPARQL Update API - Add POST body support

The API supports sending data via an 'update' parameter. Prior to 
v1.13.0, this was the only method of sending SPARQL update data. Since 
1.13.0, VIVO also supports sending data via the POST message body. To 
use this method, you must set the request content type 
to|application/sparql-update|. This method parses the data as an input 
stream and may offer a performance improvement for large amounts of data.

      Online translation editor

Adds option for VIVO and Vitro localization on website with downloading 
results in .properties file. This should simplify process of Vitro and 
VIVO interface translation. A VIVO administrator can enable online 
translation checkbox in Developer's panel.After that, an online 
translator panel will appear at the left side of the screen with 
extracted all labels of the certain page. The translation of those 
labels can be entered in input fields and at the end the user can export 
translations in a form of a property file.

      Localization for the Russian language and for the Serbian Language

The VIVO 1.13.0 has been extended to support Russian and Serbian 
localizations. Hopefully, this will improve popularity and adoption of 
the platform in Russia and Serbia.

      Deletion of individuals and linked objects

Adds functionality to delete individuals and specify SPARQL Query to 
also delete individual dependent objects. This is some form of 
controlled cascade deletion.

For the complete list of issues resolved, 
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