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Thu May 12 10:19:40 EDT 2022

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LYRASIS Announces Interim CEO Erin Tripp

Atlanta, GA - May 12, 2022. Following the announcement of the CEO transition<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001lWdHFRfs4m-vRzV6KwtDQe8wNJ15N6t32tIexwlSCM4G7YNrv7URoCak9sGFEepeb-gvBt0LQdsFrUz85PKae3QIvB3M4HgRedQThzcjTneKJ-l2512xF_N93ZHSLLLIZ3ZQRANXV7HGE3U1bLxFbH7dunHRo_88bT75cw3QqHv4MU80ya0_sH_H5NlHL_8EP6kdNcyDUumrde-jBJt5-YqdrfoysXOmj0U_SyZAVP7F68j39njCYvVAPEym7Zz3aqUnnsHbU24=&c=xsT-Vppy_nZzDpZkpUGvV02ws_QlKGqMW6BxNzgzrVvW2-VmA_haLQ==&ch=kXRozDimNN17Mu2uark_SlWr8X-W-oERP09uO9IwEze3gCmRpTT_Cw==> in February, LYRASIS is pleased to share that Erin Tripp has been appointed Interim CEO. Robert Miller, who served as LYRASIS CEO since June 2015, will step down effective May 13, 2022 to pursue other opportunities.

Erin Tripp, who was formerly Executive Director of DuraSpace prior to the organization’s merger with LYRASIS in 2019 and is currently the Senior Director of Research and Innovation at LYRASIS, will step into the Interim CEO role. Since she joined LYRASIS, Tripp created the Research and Innovation Division, which fosters new and emerging initiatives for both the organization and for the benefit of the wider field of libraries, archives, research, and cultural heritage.

Evviva Weinraub Lajoie, Chair of the LYRASIS Board of Trustees and Vice Provost for University Libraries, University of Buffalo, says of Tripp, “Erin is an outstanding leader who has a deep commitment to the organization and our entire community. Given her experience and knowledge, the Board decided she is the perfect person to lead LYRASIS during this transitional period.”

Tripp will step into the role of Interim CEO on May 13 and will remain in the position until a permanent CEO is hired. The LYRASIS Board of Trustees is currently working with executive search firm Isaacson, Miller to hire the organization’s next permanent CEO.


LYRASIS is a global, non-profit membership organization whose mission is to support enduring access to the world’s shared academic, scientific, and cultural heritage through leadership in open technologies, content services, digital solutions, and collaboration with archives, libraries, museums, and knowledge communities worldwide. LYRASIS organizational and staff values are communication, respect, collaboration, impact, and service. To learn more, visit www.lyrasis.org<https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001lWdHFRfs4m-vRzV6KwtDQe8wNJ15N6t32tIexwlSCM4G7YNrv7URoN5SUde80Nz83OBWyoplDTRL0uiv8jjG-iyapTU5dn_FdZewWT8A_lWHSssa0zalD6s9ZBhwMZXEroUwkr-Whk-n5ix7wZX-Bg==&c=xsT-Vppy_nZzDpZkpUGvV02ws_QlKGqMW6BxNzgzrVvW2-VmA_haLQ==&ch=kXRozDimNN17Mu2uark_SlWr8X-W-oERP09uO9IwEze3gCmRpTT_Cw==>.

LYRASIS | 1438 West Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30309
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