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Hello everyone,

This is a reminder to register for the LYROpen Fair 2022<https://www.lyrasis.org/content/Pages/LYROpen-Fair-2022.aspx>.

Librarians and information professionals face a complex array of opportunities to invest in open content and open infrastructure all while juggling competing priorities for limited funds. We have organized the LYROpen Fair to create a space for people to learn about various open research infrastructure programs, open content revenue models, as well as understand how to evaluate the various open programs against your internal institutional goals. Register for any of the following free webinars to learn more. Each webinar will be recorded.

Session 1: Link it, Find it, Count it: Open Research Infrastructure Programs at LYRASIS

  *   Thursday, March 24 at 1-2 pm Eastern
  *   Details and Registration<https://www.lyrasis.org/Content/Pages/Event-Details.aspx?Eid=6D3400F0-B774-EC11-80F7-00155D0A2732>
  *   Join us for a tour of three consortial programs designed to lower the barrier of participation for all libraries to use open research infrastructure best practices and shared standards: the ORCID US Community<https://orcidus.lyrasis.org/> (for the Open Researcher & Contributor Identifier), the LYRASIS DataCite US Community<https://www.lyrasis.org/programs/Pages/DataCite-US-Community-Membership.aspx> (for Digital Object Identifiers - DOIs), and the IRUS US Community<https://www.lyrasis.org/content/Pages/product-details.aspx?pid=94DD283E-AF8F-EA11-80EA-00155DE5EC03> (for Institutional Repository Usage Statistics).
  *   Presenters:
     *   Paolo P. Gujilde, ORCID US Community Specialist, LYRASIS
     *   Sheila Rabun, Program Leader for Persistent Identifier Communities, LYRASIS
     *   Hannah Rosen, Strategist, Research and Scholarly Communication, LYRASIS

Session 2: Exploring Open Content Revenue Models

  *   Tuesday, March 29 at 11-12 pm Eastern
  *   Details and Registration<https://www.lyrasis.org/Content/Pages/Event-Details.aspx?Eid=8750CD81-F28C-EC11-80FA-00155D0A2732>
  *   This session will explore the myriad models for supporting open publications as well as an overview of the models currently supported through LYRASIS Open Access Programs<https://www.lyrasis.org/content/Pages/Open-Access-Programs.aspx>.
  *   Presenter:
     *   Sharla Lair, Senior Strategist, Open Access & Scholarly Communication Initiatives, LYRASIS

Session 3: Evaluating and Supporting Open Content Programs

  *   Thursday, March 31 at 12-1 pm Eastern
  *   Details and Registration<https://www.lyrasis.org/Content/Pages/Event-Details.aspx?Eid=DB6C7E2C-D88D-EC11-80FA-00155D0A2732>
  *   During this session speakers from the library community will discuss how they evaluate and advocate for financially supporting open content initiatives.
  *   Presenters:
     *   Rachel Caldwell, Scholarly Communication & Publishing Librarian, University of Tennessee (UT) Knoxville
     *   Kristin Sederstrom, Manager, Acquisitions & Resource Sharing, University of Kansas
     *   Robin N. Sinn, Director of Collections and Open Strategies, Iowa State University Library
     *   Luke Vilelle, University Librarian, Hollins University

Thank you!
LYRASIS Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives Team<https://www.lyrasis.org/about/Pages/content-and-scholarly-communication.aspx>


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