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Knowledge Unlatched<https://knowledgeunlatched.org/> (KU) is pleased to announce it has joined the Supporting Ukrainian Editorial Staff (SUES) initiative to support those in Ukraine who work in disseminating and communicating knowledge in the scholarly publishing sector. This initiative was launched recently by several organizations, including IBL-PAN (PL), OPERAS (BE), DOAJ (UK), DOAB (NL), EIFL (NL), and AEUP (FR), with the support of a group of French editors and publishers.

KU is helping to raise support from libraries and publishers and contributing to SUES's current crowdfunding efforts to help pay editorial staff to carry on their work. If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, ten academic journals selected by a scientific committee will continue running. "We must not accept that the academic system in Ukraine is destroyed in this war. We hope that publisher partners and various institutions around the world will also recognize the importance of this admirable initiative and join our efforts as soon as possible," said Dr. Sven Fund, KU's Senior Director. "KU and Wiley have already contributed 3,000 euros."

KU will collect all institutional pledges and pass the full amount collected on to SUES. The cost of each pledge is $567 or $1,134. Institutional pledges can be made at the KU website<https://knowledgeunlatched.org/>, or libraries can reach out to their KU representatives or through LYRASIS. Individuals may also participate and learn more by visit the crowdfunding website: https://wemakeit.com/projects/support-to-ukrainian-editors.

Due to the immediate needs and the spontaneity of the program, the pledging deadline is Sunday, June 5, 2022.

If you have questions, please contact Jill Grogg at jill.grogg at lyrasis.org<mailto:jill.grogg at lyrasis.org>.

Thank you,

Jill Grogg
LYRASIS Content & Scholarly Communications Team

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